Mass Address is a private Change of Address Platform which runs on decentralized identity.

How it works

Mass Address is a new service which uses decentralized singularities instead of profiles to manage a persons identity. Instead of using a database to store your identity, Mass Address breaks your identity down into its most basic parts and stores the parts in their own networks. If Mass Address ever had a data breach, identities cannot be stolen because they are not stored on a database.


Founded in 2016, Mass Address is a 100% private, change-of-address service. When the service is launched, it will give the citizen the ability to change their address, phone number, as well as your name on any account you have online.
Companies or agencies won't have to pay a data broker anymore for address change information. They will have 99.9% accurate information on their customers at all times because the citizen is in control of their identity.


  • Eliminates 3rd party identity management 👥

  • Real-Time Food and Product Safety recalls 🍴

  • Significantly reduces Undeliverable As Addressed mail 📨

  • Real-Time business CRM Updates 🤝

  • Eliminates Calls to Customer Service 📱

  • Real-Time Identity Validation ⏲️

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